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5 Reasons Toni Kaufman’s your next speaking coach.

1. Experience and Expertise: Toni Kaufman brings a wealth of experience as a producer, author, and speaker coach, equipping speakers with the knowledge and skills necessary to captivate audiences and deliver powerful messages.

2. Personalized Guidance: With Toni as your mentor, you’ll receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique strengths and goals, ensuring your speaking journey is nurtured and optimized for success.

3. Inspiring Community: Joining Toni’s network means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded speakers who share their experiences, insights, and encouragement, fostering growth and collaboration.

4. Unleash Your Authentic Voice: Toni is dedicated to helping speakers discover and unleash their authentic voices, enabling them to connect deeply with audiences and leave a lasting impact.

5. Elevate Your Career: By working with Toni, you gain access to invaluable resources, strategies, and opportunities that will propel your speaking career to new heights, opening doors to influential stages and inspiring audiences worldwide.

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Something about Toni

Toni Kaufman’s life has been marked by remarkable achievements and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Toni Kaufman’s journey to success is marked by a diverse array of accomplishments. Her career trajectory has traversed various domains, starting from television production and extending to the management of large-scale corporate events.

Notably, she achieved recognition as one of the Top 10 Women in Computing in Texas. Her professional path then led her to take the helm of her own business operations, focusing on the training, support, and implementation of Microsoft products. In addition, she assumed the role of overseeing international IT teams for HP. Toni’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as she dedicates herself to mentoring individuals who share her fervor for making a positive impact.

As Toni transitions into a new chapter, she embarks on a path of reinvention, driven by her passion for education and her curiosity about artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, she seeks to enhance human connections and elevate speaking talents through cutting-edge technology. While we are still in the early stages of AI’s development, one thing remains certain: AI is an integral part of our lives, and it is our responsibility to educate, inform, and embrace its potential.

Toni Kaufman stands at the forefront of this exciting intersection between human potential and technological advancement. She believes that by harnessing AI’s capabilities, we can enrich our lives and enhance our speaking abilities. With her extensive experience and her commitment to continuous learning, Toni empowers others to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve and maximize the benefits of AI in their personal and professional journeys.

Join Toni Kaufman on this transformative voyage, where the power of human potential converges with the limitless possibilities of AI. Together, we will unlock new realms of connection, communication, and personal growth, shaping a future where technology is not our adversary but an indispensable ally in our pursuit of success.

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Toni Kaufman's Biography

Accomplished and Brilliant Toni Kaufman went from owning her own 7 figure – Computer Training and Support corporation (MSU, Inc and The Computer Help Desk) to being appointed to head the Presidential Transition Team – working with Former President George H.W. Bush as his personal computer trainer and computer systems support lead,  to returning to her producer, casting director and talent manager roots working on international productions such as The Latin Grammys,  Texas Music Awards,  and other television, radio shows and podcasts including:  The World Class Mentors, on such famous shows Fremantle Media’s Top Talent Searching programs and their Spanish Counterparts… American Idol/Objetivo Fama, America’s Top Models/Belleza Latina and casting families for Family Feud/Que Dice La Gente among many others. 


Toni went from owning and managing high-profile corporate teams to creating a network of World Class Mentors that host a multitude of influencers from industries such as oil, technology, speaking, politics and film/TV. These mentors are guests on her shows. She is dedicated to celebrating those who have achieved world-class by honoring their mentors, their own lives and legacies.


As the Founder of Standout Stars Speakers Bureau – Toni works with entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, healers, and coaches to help them find “The Standout Star Within” she helps her clients fine-tune their message, build a repertoire of stories, master the art of speaking to sell and creating offers that can be sold via sizzling campaigns on and off social media to increase sales and bring out their inner hero.


Toni brings a Hi-energy level of empowerment to her audiences, from near-death experiences to driven, absolute entrepreneurship. Motivated and inspired are two descriptions of how her audiences leave after her talks.

The Art of Making you Visible
April 13th, 2021


“I have never seen such a dedicated and resilient woman. “

John Mikait – Founders

john kiest

"Toni Kaufman is an exceptional communications and marketing professional"

John Kiest, T-Systems

“She was a warm and expansive persoanlity that makes her very easy to talk to and work with. She is customer-focused and people-oriented and will strive for win-win-outcomes.”

joel williamson


Joel Williamson – Financial Solutions

“I have known Toni for about 4 years. In that time, from the very beginning, she has been, and continues to be the consummate professional. It makes no difference what task you assign/request for Toni to tackle, you will be amazed by her high performance driven results. “

"Toni is the best mentor I ever have."

Melissa Clark – Standout Speaker

“After many disappointments and failures I have made including the people around me, finding Toni has been a blessing. I have learned so much during our VIP sessions that I can’t help but be grateful and humbled from what I learned about the industry and myself. Thank you Toni for being you… you’re a rock star!”

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