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Get Speaker Ready
Get Stage Ready
Get Stage Ready

The ultimate speaker training event


⭐ All-inclusive
⭐ 3-day masterpiece where you are the star.
⭐ In 3 days, we create your presentation
⭐We expertly craft your “speak to sell” performance.

The ultimate guide to your stage
speaking adventure

⭐ 3 days
⭐ 25 times on camera
⭐ Sizzle reel
⭐ Movement reel
⭐ Your stage reel

The Ultimate VIP Speaker Experience

⭐ Private 1-on-1 with Toni Kaufman
⭐ In 3 days, complete your 2024 business plan
⭐ You will know your numbers.

Become the Best You

Intro Video Course

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 Create your perfect intro video

 From planning to delivery, this is your go to playbook for creating your own Intro ReelYour unique personality is reflected through visual identity.

The choices you make about how to design and what images, fonts, and colors to use define your brand as much as the words we select and the stories we tell.

Before you get started with creating your Intro Video, speak to your art director or brand manager about what fonts they use and what colors are used in your brand.


Do you have the voice to inspire an audience, influence a movement,
lead a nation?

Become the speaker you wish the world to hear.

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Ultimate Guide for Upcoming Speakers

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