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The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is your speaker success partner!

We are excited to meet you and talk about the opportunity to join you on this journey. This Information Package is designed to provide you with key features and questions to ask your producers, stage managers, and event management for their expectations on working with you once you have been selected as the speaker of choice for their event.

These 9 pages include a series of checklists to follow as you grow from Emerging to Experienced Speaker and finally to Expert Level Speaker. At the Standout Stars Speakers Bureau, we are dedicated to making your speaking career more successful and we work on getting you booked to as many stages as we can.

Please take the time to review this speaker’s guide so that you can be more familiar with the entire process. If you are considering a mentor for your speaking career and are willing to put in the work for one year then please consider the exclusive 10 seats only

Next Level Program. With 3 Retreats and 20 Podcasts and Stages for you to practice on You will be well on your way to a successful speaking career with Toni as your mentor. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.


Toni Kaufman
Author, Mentor