“Through Action, we Create the stage, and with Transformation, our Show Must Go On, lighting the path to endless possibilities.”

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AI Made Simple:
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“AI revolution will make more millionaires in 2024 then ever before”.

Everyone wants to become successful online. The dream of having an online web presence making a profitable living seemed far fetched. But the AI revolution will make more millionaires in 2024 then ever in history. Its advancements of automating production time have many fearing loss of jobs, and of course the enslavement of all humanity will be run by artificial intelligence.

We invite those with a curious imagination to take a step back and breath. This book is for you. We are living in the best time of our lives where our machines and computer technology has evolved like never before. Not since the evolution in telecommunication from the pager to cell phone have we had such a quantum leap of technology.

Toni Kaufman has teamed up with Author and Web Developer Ron Saguin to publish a way for the baby boomers and anti-computer business owner to educate themselves on what artifical intelligence can do for them.

AI Made Simple, a comprehensive guide for beginners will be released in October 15, 2023.


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Speaker Legacy Production Virtual

Assistant-powered with AI Displaying Your

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